Below are Elizabeth’s current Programs:

Excellence Speaks!

Speaking in public is one of the BEST ways for Executives and Thought Leaders to make an impact. Yet many speakers can be bland or pushy or just say more than the audience wants to know. (Sometimes more than the audience should know.)

Are you:

  • Frustrated because your listeners don’t grasp how great your company is?
  • Afraid that you might be found boring?
  • Confused about why you aren’t getting the audience response you want?




“BE Unforgettable” Communications Workshop
Go from Talking Head to Respected Presenter.
Communication Skills that get RESULTS

Group Training Session

Would you like to learn…

  • How to connect to potential clients and get them to talk themselves into working with you?
  • Inspire your team and move them to enthusiastic action?
  • Banish stage fright and impress the world with your presence?
  • Feel at Ease in Front of Any Audience?




Be Unforgettable!
Communication Skills that Get RESULTS

Would you like to know how to:

  • Become a compelling presenter so that busy people listen to you and ask your advice?
  • Inspire your listeners to take quick, decisive action to buy in to your idea or project?
  • Claim your place at the table?

Speaking to inspire your team or impress your colleagues is the key to building better relationships and having greater impact

Takeaways include:

  • Enhance your image and become known as a person to watch.
  • The 3 Biggest Reasons even Smart, Savvy Presenters Don’t Get the Results they Want
  • How to Feel at Ease in Front of Any Audience



Get Noticed, Get Promoted!
Grow your Personal Brand through Speaking

To rise in an organization, you have to be NOTICED. Being the person who gives compelling presentations will raise your visibility, impact and status. Yet too many people hold back when there is a presentation to give for fear that they will make a mistake. Or when they DO present they don’t get the buy-in they need

Sound familiar? Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shows you and your team how to:



The Woman in the Middle
Management Communication for Leaders who must
Walk the “Respected vs. Bossy” Tightrope

  • Do you find it challenging to be heard?
  • Are you afraid you’re boring people in meetings?
  • Do you have to work twice as hard as others to get people to buy in to what you need them to do?

Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30+years of Communications and Leadership expertise.  With personalized attention to issues that are specific to you and your company.

Elizabeth gives you and your team specific exercises and techniques. 

You will learn how to:

  • Be heard and treated with respect
  • Influence your listeners to take action on what you have to say
  • Be RECOGNIZED as the leader you are!