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Women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as tech, engineering, law and finance, face a difficult challenge. It feels like walking a tightrope between being respected vs. sounding bossy. Speaking up can be a challenge. Being heard when you do is even more of a challenge. If this sounds familiar, you need to join our conversation here on Speakers Who Get Results, hosted by Elizabeth Bachman, the go-to person for advanced level training in speaking, presentation skills, sales and leadership.

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  You may have the best speech in the world, but it does no one any good if you can’t present it to the right audience. So how do you get an audience? And how does a busy executive get booked? In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman gets into the nitty-gritty of booking with speaker brand strategist Whitney McDuff. Whitney specializes in the art of building public speaker brands, and here she discusses how to start
SWGR 589 | Boring Speech
  Have you ever felt asleep in a talk because the speaker was boring or just kept rambling on and on? It’s important to be interesting when presenting in front of people because talks can get tiresome. Learn how to go from boring to bravo with your host Elizabeth Bachman. You already learned how to make a script, now learn how to spice it up. Use stories and metaphors to catch people’s attention. Talk about
SWGR 589 | Writing A Script
  Creating an effective presentation means writing a script that wows. What are the strategies you need to know to get your audience pumped up for your talk? In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman discusses creating a script that is designed to wow your audience. Elizabeth gives her best tips for writing the best script for your talk and gives a few things that you need to keep in mind when writing your script. Learn more
  Want to learn the speaking strategies that will let you be heard? Join Elizabeth Bachman on the first of four episodes of the Visible and Valued Training Month! In this episode, she shares the three keys of strategic speaking that will amplify your voice to those who need to hear it. The world doesn’t always work in our favor, so it’s up to us to find ways and open doors of opportunities. Stay tuned
SWGR 586 | Slideshows That Convert
  As entrepreneurs, we know how to innovate, execute leadership, and successfully run a business but we lack knowledge in delivering great presentations. In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman talks with Brigette Callahan on how we could win our pitches through our slideshows and deliver value. Brigette is on a mission to end the tyranny of boring PowerPoint presentations. She is passionate about helping speakers create presentations that engage and inspire their audience, and turns them
SWGR 585 | Creating Demand
  If you’re selling something niche, how do you find customers? You need to stand out and really create a demand for it. Susan Walsh‘s business is on data quality and most people don’t even know what that is. Susan is the founder of The Classification Guru and she is a specialist in spend data classification. Learn from the Mistress of Data herself on how she created demand through speaking. Elizabeth Bachman gets Susan on
SWGR 583 | Leading With Impact
  When there are communication issues, leaders should step up. Are you sure that you are leading with impact and influence throughout your organization? It’s time to drive change and make a massive difference because everyone could benefit from that. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she talks with Carla Miller on dealing with difficult situations. Carla dives deep into developing the confidence you need to increase impact and influence. Carla Miller is a leadership coach and
SWGR 582 | Confident Negotiator
  What do you need to become a confident negotiator? Elizabeth Bachman introduces us to Tina Greenbaum, the Founder and CEO of Mastery Under Pressure—a management coaching program for high-performing executives who need to refine and master their interpersonal and inter-departmental skills. In this episode, Tina shares how she charged her client $1,500 a month for her services. Guess what her client said in response? “I would’ve paid you a whole lot more.” That was
SWGR 581 | Winning Team Strategies
  How can you have an incredible team that works together and is committed to achieving organizational goals? Can you get your people to be in alignment with your vision, your mission and your goals? If you’re a team member, how can you help from within? As a two-time Olympian and National Basketball Coach of the Year, Sherry Winn knows teams from within and without. She is truly an expert at coaching leaders and team
  If you were a new leader, how would you approach your organization? Be true to who you are but always consider that you do not have to make drastic changes abruptly. Be part of your team! Elizabeth Bachman sits down for a conversation with a passionate advocate for women in leadership, Bonnie Mouck. Bonnie is a brand management leader for a large international corporation. She is the host and founder of the international podcast,
SWGR 579 Denise | Thought Leadership
  What makes the difference between a leader and a thought leader? Denise Brosseau is the CEO and Founder of the Thought Leadership Lab and the Founding CEO of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, now called Watermark. She has used her expertise to lead women into leadership and, even beyond that, into thought leadership with programs she developed. In this episode, she explains the vital difference between the two and the steps you can and should take to take yourself
SWGR 578 | Confident Communication
  As business leaders, we must know how to run effective meetings that boost the company’s overall performance. In having confident communication with team members, we can engage and learn from each other, resulting in many wonderful benefits for the organization. In today’s episode, our guest is executive coach Alison Arnoff. Alison has a 30-year record helping giants like Intel and EMC plus seven startups resulting in six exits. She empowers leaders, aspiring leaders, and executives.