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Women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as tech, engineering, law and finance, face a difficult challenge. It feels like walking a tightrope between being respected vs. sounding bossy. Speaking up can be a challenge. Being heard when you do is even more of a challenge. If this sounds familiar, you need to join our conversation here on Speakers Who Get Results, hosted by Elizabeth Bachman, the go-to person for advanced level training in speaking, presentation skills, sales and leadership.

Episode Blogs

SWGR Lesley Michaels | Mighty Women
  “It is my unwavering belief that every one of us has a mighty woman inside.” This is what Lesley Michaels powerfully declares in this amazing episode. She believes in the voice we each hold inside that, too often, women are afraid to unleash. So Lesley calls us to be bold and audacious! She joins Elizabeth Bachman to stress this message as she shares with us her book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women. Lesley offers a modern feminist’s
SWGR 128 | TEDx Talk
  TEDx Talk is a worldwide known conference held to talk about “ideas worth sharing,” but is it really necessary to have or achieve? Well, if you want to be a speaker that gets results, then it definitely is! That is what we’re going to talk about in this episode with Joia Jefferson Nuri all about what TEDx Talk really is, why it matters, and how to get in it. Joia is an ICF Certified
SWGR Judy Ravin | English Pronunciation
  Language is the primary means of communication for humans, and language is based on three pillars: vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. These pillars stand together to help humans understand each other. In today’s episode, Judy Ravin, the president and founder of Accents International, LLC, shares the role of English pronunciation for non-native English speakers in communicating and its function in our daily activities. Communication is the currency of our global economy because it can hold
SWGR Dr. Evelyn Carter | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  Words such as belongingness, bias, diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just fads. There is actual data on their tangible impacts on businesses and individuals at a large scale. Dr. Evelyn Carter is the President of Paradigm Strategy Inc., focusing on evolving and advancing the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She joins host Elizabeth Bachman to discuss the science behind DEI and define what belongingness truly means within an organization. More than
SWGR 125 | Personal Branding
  In this increasingly noisy world, how do you stand out from the crowd and showcase your value? In today’s episode, Kat Ramirez, the CEO of adBidtise, talks about personal branding and how it helps you elevate your brand. People buy from people, so building that credibility is essential. adBidtise is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned business. Tune in and learn how to create a personal brand that makes you stand out and grow. —
SWGR 124 | Intentional Unicorn
  How can you make your uniqueness an advantage that will lead your career? Joining us for this episode is Jennie Lopez-Reed, author of Intentional Unicorn: Bring your authentic self to thrive in life and career. Jennie is currently the Associate VP of Global Talent Acquisition for a large pharmaceutical firm, Eli Lilly and Company. Jennie empowers authenticity and diversity in her role and outside of it, engaging employees and organizations to achieve new heights
SWGR 123 | Culture Of Belonging
  Being in a place where there is a constant battle within yourself to fit in the group can be exhausting. And this can also lead to burnout because changing who you are requires a lot of energy. As a team leader, how can you deal with this dilemma? Tricia Montalvo Timm shares her wisdom in cultivating a culture of inclusivity to break the barrier of creating a better space for everyone. Bringing cultural awareness to other
SWGR 122 | Asking For Help
  Latinas comprise a huge percentage of the entire country’s workforce, and yet their voices and efforts matter so little. These amazing women can change the market tide by simply asking for help and allowing themselves to be coached. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Elizabeth Bachman sits down with Patricia Murillo, who shares her work empowering women leaders through the organization How Women Lead. She talks about providing training and support to people of color who
SWGR 121 | Be Different
  We have come a long way when it comes to embracing diversity in this country. And that is all thanks to the many individuals who have reclaimed their identities by using their voices to tell their stories, particularly their immigrant stories. Kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month, Elizabeth Bachman brings to the show Oscar Garcia, the founder of Aspira Consulting, Inc. In this episode, Oscar dares us to be different, embrace our identity, and be who we are
SWGR 120 | Speak Up
  How we communicate with others not only influences how they react to us, but it shapes how people perceive us. And even when we have the purest of intentions, we can easily be misconstrued because of how our message or request is delivered. So how do we make sure that we communicate effectively? Ivna Curi, CEO and founder of AssertiveWay.com, talks about the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. She also shares insights on how
SWGR 119 | LinkedIn Presence
  As a leader, it is important that you stay active on LinkedIn even if you’re not looking for work. LinkedIn isn’t just a job site anymore; professionals from around the world go there to check you out. That is why you need to make sure your profile is up to date with everything, especially if you are a woman. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she talks to Jennifer Darling about the importance of being active
  What is executive presence and how do you get it? First impressions are important. How you present yourself can make a big difference in how others perceive you. That is why projecting confidence and authority in a way that commands respect and inspires others is essential. That is what Elizabeth Bachman shares today. Elizabeth pulls together four themes of how to show up as a leader within your organization. She gives tips and strategies