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“Respected Presenter” Communications Workshop
Go from Talking Head to Respected Presenter.
Communication Skills that get RESULTS

Group Training Session

Would you like to learn…

  • How to connect to potential clients and get them to talk themselves into working with you?
  • Inspire your team and move them to enthusiastic action?
  • Banish stage fright and impress the world with your presence?
  • Feel at Ease in Front of Any Audience?

Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30+ years of communications expertise.  Elizabeth shows you and your team specific exercises and techniques including:

  • Experiential training for better communication
  • Interactive exercises to cement new skills
  • Personalized attention to issues that come up

30 minutes / 90-120 minutes / half day

Each workshop is customized to the participants.  For more information, book a consultation here.