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Strategies to Manage Speaker Nerves

Woman Walking Mark Twain once said, “There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” No matter how seasoned or under-seasoned you are as a speaker, when it comes to making presentations, Mr. Twain assures us nerves are just part our reality. Whether you are speaking to two people at a networking event, or two thousand as a keynote speaker, here are three strategies to help you get out of your head and on to the stage confident, poised and powerful. 1. Exercise…according to research from Dartmouth’s Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Laboratory, “the positive stress of exercise prepares cells and structures pathways within the brain so that they’re more equipped to handle stress in other forms.” So rather than tweaking your script again, spend a half-hour going for a walk or doing some cardio and release some serotonin – also known as the happy hormones. 2. Give yourself a running start…memorize your first three lines. Many public speakers cite getting started as their biggest stumbling block. You can short circuit your monkey mind by committing your first three lines to memory and reprogram your jitters into excitement about participating in the day’s event. 3. Invite a dialogue instead of a monologue. Plan a presentation to engage with the audience on a particular topic rather than conducting a lecture where only the speaker’s opinion and contributions are relevant. Early in your talk, perhaps in the first minute, ask the audience a question that requires a response, or take an informal opinion poll and get some feedback. This type of audience engagement will allow them to better retain the information you share. It will also give you a chance to breathe, take a sip of water, and manage your stress level.

Elizabeth Bachman’s advice is like gold!

Elizabeth Bachman’s advice is like gold! I was preparing for an upcoming presentation and she showed me how an educational training could also be a marketing tool for me. In just 30 minutes, her suggestions showed me how to

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make my talk more engaging, helped me clarify what I wanted my listeners to learn, and what results I could get out of the opportunity. I got three new clients as a direct result of that presentation. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough! Dr. Leslie J. – Psychotherapist and Legal Adviser

To Be Or Not To Be… Part 2

Imagine no limitations; decide what's right and desirable before you decide what's possible. Brian TracyTo be or not to be.

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Those six words question the balance between the state of being versus the state of not being. Do you want to live a life of balance? Are you truly alive, or are you settling for a day-to-day existence in which you are alive, but not living your passion? Hamlet wanted to avenge his father’s murder. He wanted to set his world right, which his father’s violent end had thrown off kilter. Yet he didn’t go charging off in cartoon-hero fashion. Hamlet had very human generic for sale concerns about “the rub”: the difficulties, the objections, and the obstacles. It wasn’t until he faced his doubts and moved ahead anyway that he was able to create change. As a speaker

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who wishes to have an impact on your audience, you are no different. You must overcome your own doubts, demons and nagging fears. “What if the audience doesn’t like what I have to say? What if I forget my talk? What if…?” Like Hamlet, you have a choice. You can choose…to use your voice to make a difference dosage vs in the world. You can choose…to influence and empower others with inspiration custom care and imagination to make changes in their lives. You can choose…to

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be a confident, articulate, compassionate speaker who chooses “To Be!” If you are ready to learn how to give voice to your passions and gifts contact fda Elizabeth Bachman at ElizabethBachman.com

Wake up!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya AngelouYour priceless legacy… Let’s talk about your legacy. What do you believe? What do you stand for? How do you want to be remembered? As a speaker, you have the chance to decide how you want to be remembered. You can decide how to create an impression, or build on an impression you have already made on an audience. Claim your legacy with renewed vision and spirit. Starting right now, you have the opportunity to create the person you have always wanted to be. Beginning immediately, you can shine brightly generic uk sales for the world to see. It may not be easy. You have many old, comfortable behaviors, which will create predictable outcomes for most events. Wake up! Did you just hear me? You cannot leave a priceless legacy if you are not living your own life, being authentic in your message and letting your voice be heard. As Ghandi said, “My life is my message.” It’s time to show up as a speaker and to live your vision…share your -best life and your message. Your people are waiting for you!

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If you are ready to learn how to give voice to your story and legacy contact Elizabeth Bachman at ElizabethBachman.com

What if you woke up tomorrow and realized…

OnceUponaTimeWhat if you woke up tomorrow and realized that your most valuable legacy… the priceless gift you are to pass on to future generations…are your stories…the ones you tell with pride of following your dream and overcoming a specific obstacle or obstacles, about your community and family, the stories you only share with close friends, and the stories you have buried deep within your heart?

How will you be remembered?

Your story is compelling because it is YOURS.

You have the chance to share your story every time you are asked to tell us a little about yourself in the About Me/Bio section on applications, social media, and websites or various other places.

Did you ever watch any of the Olympics? Those are ordinary individuals who sought extraordinary circumstances to display their gifts. Competing in that ultimate contest is the result of many, many, many days and nights of training and sacrifice.

Whether you strive to achieve Olympic gold medal status, you are an everyday hero because…you can be counted on to show up for work on time…bring the cookies for the bake sale…sew the costumes for the dance recital…or bring the project in on time and under budget, your contributions are invaluable to the lives of everyone around you.

Your story is one of accountability, compassion, and connection.
Your words are your legacy and as a speaker, your mission is to share those words with the world.

Make your words your legacy by sharing the story of You.

If you are ready to learn how to give voice to your passions and gifts contact Elizabeth Bachman at ElizabethBachman.com

To Be Or Not To Be… Part 1

Question goldSpeakers can take a lesson from Will Shakespeare: Start your talk with a question to engage your audience’s curiosity. To be or not to be? Here’s an example: Whether you realize it or not, you have a great deal in common the character of Hamlet. Can you list the similarities? Hamlet thinks he is an ordinary person. Do you think you are just an ordinary person? Hamlet has many flaws. One is indecision: the inability to make a clear choice at the right time. “To be or not to be, that is the question…” Are you indecisive? Hamlet has a few qualities that set him apart, however, and one is that he refuses to compromise with evil. His father has been murdered, and he is determined to avenge his father’s untimely and cruel death. Your life choices might not be that dramatic, but they are unique and so they will set you apart. As you face an audience – whether an audience of one person or a roomful of people – can you answer an important question:

  • What qualities set you apart?
  • What is unique about you?
  • What do you know that no one else knows?

Answer those questions for yourself. Where were you challenged on your life’s path to make a significant choice and stand up for what you believe in? When you met that challenge, you started to move forward on a new path in life. Your life changed and you changed. Now that you know your message, your mission is clear. Your mission is to share your message with the world. Now, begin to ask your audience questions about what matters most to them. With each question, you will engage your audience. Listen closely, and you will hear what is extraordinary about your audience — and then you will know how to appeal to what is special about each one of them, and to tailor your message to address their concerns. If you are ready to learn how to give voice to your passions and gifts contact Elizabeth Bachman at ElizabethBachman.com

Spring Panic

BlossomsGuest blog post by Cara Corodoni: Spring, spring, spring is almost sprung, especially if you’re in California where we skipped winter this year. Spring, when the seemingly dead reveals itself as only dormant; when then earth once more begins her veil dance, showing a little green here and there, oh la la! A flash of color a snippet of birdsong. Rising desire. Spring, a lovely time to surrender to the cycle of abundance, to be comforted by the repetition beyond our control. Spring is also a time of new beginnings, in many ways the true beginning of the year. And new beginnings mean change, and where there is change or the longing for change, there is resistance. Ah, resistance, fear, anxiety, wish for control, for knowing how it will all turn out. Spring panic: The energy we feel at reconnecting to the possibility, at seeing the earth burst forth and both being called and fearful ourselves. Within resistance, there are assumptions and limiting beliefs – often a space in which we let our brain’s negativity bias call the shots. Our desires can scare us, activating a digging-the-heels-in, I-don’t-need-anything-to-change reaction even when we really want everything to change. There are numerous ways to grapple with resistance and its feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic; thank goodness ’cause we need them all! Here I invite you on a Spring mindfulness approach to moving through resistance. Continue reading

Celebrating Women’s History Month

We are celebrating Women’s History Month in March by recognizing some of the famous women speakers and their famous speeches. We hope you will join us in honoring the Women throughout History who have stood up and spoken up to improve the lives of others. Women’s History Month is dedicated to bring more awareness of the impact that women have had and continue to have on shaping our lives and world as it is today.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

These famous women speakers have stood up in the face of opposition and even death threats to be heard so that others might gain their rights and freedom. They are an inspiration to all of us in their courage and passion for bringing about change. Their words will be remembered and have a lasting impact long after they are gone.

Sharing my passion for speaking by helping presenters give voice to their passions and bring their gifts to the world is my way of making a difference, just as these famous women speakers did.

“There really is nothing more important to me than striving to be a good human being.” Oprah Winfrey

Over the centuries there have been many famous women speakers, some of whom have had an impact – locally or globally. The ones below have impacted me personally.

Some of my Favorite Famous Women Speakers and Speeches are:

  • Maya Angelou – On The Pulse Of Morning
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton – First Anniversary of the American Equal Rights Association

  • Hillary Clinton – Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  • Shirley Chisolm – Equal Rights For Women
  • Sojourner Truth – Ain’t I A Woman?
  • Eleanor Roosevelt – What Libraries Mean To The Nation
  • Oprah Winfrey – 54th Annual EMMY Awards
Maya Angelo

Maya Angelou

Who would you add to this list?

I encourage you to take some time to read these speeches and learn about these and other famous women at Speeches by Famous Women – click HERE

Please comment and share below about your favorite famous women speakers and speeches.

If you are ready to learn how to give voice to to order your passions and gifts contact Elizabeth Bachman at ElizabethBachman.com

Good Health Is Good for Your Speaking Business…Meditate to Manage Stress

Meditation pose 1Stress is a major cause of energy loss. Between 50 and 70 million Americans have a difficult time sleeping well, and stress is a large part of the problem. While some would say speaking in public is a cause of stress for them, you know that speaking is one of the best ways to promote your business or practice and stress is part of life. Meditation pose 2We can’t take our minds off that troublesome relationship, our financial woes, a problem that we are trying to solve or a strategy to meet all of the demands placed upon us. For millennia, people have found relief from stress through meditation. Regular meditation fills you with a sense of peace that stays with you long after your meditation ends. You don’t need to be a yogi to meditate. Here are three quick ways to add meditation to your day.

  1. Stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing. Just follow your breath in and out. If thoughts intrude, let them go and return to following your breath. Five minutes of this will calm you.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place that represents peace and calm to you. It could be lying on a beach, strolling along a path under the trees, or holding hands with a loved one. Put yourself in the scene in your imagination. Experience it fully, as if you were there. Do this for five minutes, and you will feel refreshed and peaceful.
  3. Choose a word that has meaning for you, such as “peace,” “calm,” “love.”  Repeat it slowly to yourself for several minutes, concentrating on the feeling it creates in you. You will carry the feeling with you long after your meditation ends.

For best results, try to meditate in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Meditation doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You can do it at your desk while riding public transportation, or when sitting in your living room during a commercial break on television. The key to success is to just do it.

Good Health Is Good for Your Speaking Business…Stay Hydrated

Water dropsThe human body is made primarily of water. Maintaining that water balance is critically important especially since the body loses water every day through breathing, sweating and urination. The water content in the foods you eat and the beverages you drink combine to hydrate your body. If you lose more water than you replace, you overheat and become dehydrated, which is a common cause of fatigue. Your brain requires proper hydration to function optimally. The kidneys need water to function and remove waste products. Water lubricates your muscles and joints and helps maintain optimal function. When you don’t drink enough water to stay properly hydrated, your heart has to work harder to keep up blood flow, and you experience dizziness, fatigue, mental fogginess, impaired short-term memory. If not remedied, you might faint or become disoriented. Severe dehydration is a serious medical condition. Woman drinking water 2Speakers are often offered a glass of water as they are preparing to speak. Although this may help you swallow or temporarily relieve a dry mouth, it is not the most important water you could drink if you want to deliver your talk with ease. It’s the water you drink several hours before you speak. The water has to go through the digestive system to be distributed to the mucosal cells in the throat. This determines if the mucous is thick or runny. You want runny. Do you ever struggle to clear your throat or hear strange sounds and voice irregularities as you speak? To drink plenty of water several hours before you speak and you will enjoy clear and easy voice production. The goal is to drink 64 ounces of water daily. That’s about eight 8-ounce glasses. You can reach that objective and stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water every couple of hours.