Happy Birthday“Use all you’ve got.” So says the brilliant PR strategist Jill Lublin. (www.jilllublin.com.) Yesterday I was blown away by the Birthday wishes from all over the world. Ah, the miracle of social media.

Speakers, friends, singers – it really made me aware of how many people have crossed my path over the years. The Internet makes it possible for me to help public speakers learn money-making presentation skills from wherever I am. It makes it possible to run a summer opera training program from another continent. (Not to mention watching cute pet videos.)

I have not forgotten the days when the phone and telex were the only way to stay connected. (Well, letters, of course, but I was never a very good letter writer.)

Do you remember the first time you saw a fax machine?

Did you ever use a phone card? I spent 5 years as Artistic Advisor to Òpera de Puerto Rico, using faxes and phone cards from wherever I was. And now I have friends and clients worldwide. Thank you all for being part of my life!

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