PlanStructuring your speech:

Start at the end. Decide what you are selling, and start your speech by crafting the offer. Then work backward. Set up your talk so that each point leads the listener towards your call to action.

What do you want your audience to do?

What problem do they have for which you offer the solution?

Give them 3-5 short tips during your speech, all of which will lead to the ultimate solution of working with you.

There are many possible formats for a speech.

One of the easiest is to use the 5-part rule.

  • Introduction
  • Point 1 – Medium
  • Point 2 – Least strong
  • Point 3 – Strongest
  • Conclusion (with a call to action)

When you decide what your three main points will be, choose the juiciest, most transformational tip as your third one. You want to have the audience be excited ready to buy as you move into your conclusion.

As I said at the beginning, start with your conclusion. Your entire speech should be aimed towards the conclusion and your sales offer. Even if you are doing a keynote with no sales attached, think of your major theme as the offer. Your summation will be what they remember.

This is an ongoing process, and it is very difficult to do this on your own. If you want information on how to set up your speech so that the audience is begging to work with you, contact me at:

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