Do you worry that you are being passed over for promotions and raises?

Attend Visible & Valued Workshop for Executive Women and you will get strategies, techniques, and support to:

  • Be heard and treated with Respect, so that YOU are the person to be promoted or hired.
  • Influence your listeners to take action on what you have to say so that you make the impact you want.
  • Be RECOGNIZED as the Leader You Are!

What results do you want to get when you present? Do you want to:

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Elizabeth Bachman is THE go-to trainer for Speaking, Presentation Skills, Sales and Leadership.  She works with high-level people who need to make presentations but aren’t getting the results they need.

A few of Elizabeth’s clients.


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“I’ve been doing public speaking every week for 20 years and working with Elizabeth opened my eyes all over again. Her depth of experience and ability to right-size it for the people she’s working with is remarkable. She can support writing as well as delivery of speeches.  

‘Elizabeth makes you feel like your goal is the most important thing – and you feel more confident. If you need to make a speech that MATTERS, call Elizabeth first!”  

– Julie Castro Abrams, CEO and Founder, How Women Lead

Do you…

  • Want to make sure your high-stakes speech isn’t an ordeal?
  • Want to be taken seriously by stakeholders in a specific niche so you can expand your impact?

Have you watched a very dynamic person, who knows a lot about a complicated subject give a presentation and they seem to have trouble being concise or compelling when talking about their business?

Elizabeth helps you Master a Message that brings:

  • The Funding you need
  • The Allies you want
  • The Recognition you deserve

“As the branch manager of a high-profile bank, I do a lot of presentations. Until I started to work with Elizabeth Bachman, I did not know there was so much science involved in public speaking. Now, whenever I address a group, I give them valuable advice, outline why my bank is different, and tell stories that make my listeners want to come in and check us out. I follow this with a very strong close and call for action that has more than tripled my audiences’ engagement and response. Everybody wins!  

“Elizabeth is supportive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, she is FABULOUS!”  

-Raymond Owens, Central Branch Manager, US Bank

Experience the thrill of mastering your message so that you feel accomplished, competent, proud and happy when you light up an audience.

When you want to make a difference, not just a point.

Elizabeth’s certifications:

Strategic Speaking Tips for Results

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