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  • Influence your listeners to take positive action when you speak.
  • Make your voice heard so that you make the impact you want.
  • Be RECOGNIZED as the Leader You Are!

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Get Their Attention! Speaker Keys for Increased Audience Engagement

Do you need to improve your public speaking skills? Every Wednesday in November, Elizabeth Bachman shares actionable strategies and tips for turning your listeners into raving fans.
Today you will learn 3 quick ways to get your listeners excited about your topic. Get Their Attention! Speaker Keys for Increased Audience Engagement (No. 1 of 4) 

Do You Feel Invisible?

Presentation Skills To Help Women Be Heard Many women speakers feel invisible because they feel like they are not heard. It’s time to put a stop to that and let your voices and messages come through to anyone who can hear. Elizabeth Bachman dedicates this solo episode to helping women not get ignored and seen and heard. She shares some presentation skills and tips that will get you the recognition you deserve and show up as a thought leader in your industry. Join Elizabeth in this discussion to not only improve your visibility but also inspire more women to speak up and share their ideas.

Writing a Script that Wows #2

Creating an effective presentation means writing a script that wows. What are the strategies you need to know to get your audience pumped up for your talk? In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman discusses creating a script that is designed to wow your audience. Elizabeth gives her best tips for writing the best script for your talk and gives a few things that you need to keep in mind when writing your script. Learn more speaking tools from Elizabeth by tuning in to this podcast.

Words that Compel – How to Write a Concise and Powerful Speech

What is the arc of a speech? Can you PLAN for stage fright? What is VAK and how do you use it? Which topics will raise your Visibility and show your Value? Elizabeth Bachman shares her favorite techniques for creating a presentation that will put you on the map. (No. 3 of 4.) This week’s Visible and Valued session: on Nov 17th at 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT for “Words that Compel – How to Write a Concise and Powerful Speech”

Voice Tactics To Close The Sale And Get Buy-In With Cindy Ashton November 19th

Your voice is a huge part of how you present, and thus, your audience’s perception of your voice is vital to creating a good connection between your audience and yourself. But sometimes, it’s not so simple to tune your voice just right to create a presence that’s exactly what you want. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she talks with professional speaker and presentation strategist Cindy Ashton about how your voice affects the way your listeners perceive you. Don’t miss today’s show as Cindy shares specific exercises for better use of your voice and some voice tactics you can use to close sales.

How Busy Execs Get Booked with Whitney McDuff #4

You may have the best speech in the world, but it does no one any good if you can’t present it to the right audience. So how do you get an audience? And how does a busy executive get booked? In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman gets into the nitty-gritty of booking with speaker brand strategist Whitney McDuff. Whitney specializes in the art of building public speaker brands, and here she discusses how to start building your brand and how to get people to notice and remember you. Tune in to learn more tips on building your speaking career right here.

Speaking Strategies That Get Results V&V Episode #1

Want to learn the speaking strategies that will let you be heard? Join Elizabeth Bachman on the first of four episodes of the Visible and Valued Training Month! In this episode, she shares the three keys of strategic speaking that will amplify your voice to those who need to hear it. The world doesn’t always work in our favor, so it’s up to us to find ways and open doors of opportunities. Stay tuned for speaking tips that will make you more visible and show your value! 

Are You Speaking Their Language? Or Confusing Them?

Do you get a lot of questions when presenting? Are your listeners often confused? Or do you find that you aren’t getting the results you intended? It may be that your topic is obvious to you, but not to others. Join Elizabeth Bachman for tips on finding language that moves your listeners to take the action you want. (No. 2 of 4) This week’s Visible and Valued session: Nov 10th at 9 am PDT/12 pm EDT for “Are You Speaking Their Language? Or Confusing Them?” on YouTube

Are You Erasing Yourself From The Picture? November 12th

Do you feel ignored and taken for granted at work? How much of it comes from unconsciously giving away your power? Do you forget to take credit for your ideas, praising the team instead? This is very common. Tune in to today’s episode as Elizabeth Bachman shares some actionable steps you can take to market yourself and translate all of your good work into the kind of career you want. She also touches on how women sabotage themselves without even realizing that they’re doing it.

From Boring to Bravo #3

How To Make A Content-Heavy Speech Interesting Do you need to present a lot of data, but worry about being boring? Do you find yourself running out of time before you get to your main point? Delivering a content-heavy speech can be interesting and engaging. In this episode, host, Elizabeth Bachman, gives you great advice and tips that can turn your speech from boring to bravo. She talks about how to avoid drowning your listeners in data so they actually remember what you said, how to flavor your content in a way that keeps your audience interested, and how to be the speaker everyone wants to hear and follow. Prepare to give the best speech you could make because only then can you truly serve people with information.

Public Speaking as a Service – Being Thankful

Have you heard a speaker who inspired and educated you? Were you thankful that you had taken the time to listen?  How can you make YOUR listeners the thankful ones? How can you employ Servant Leadership?
Whether inside your organization or speaking in public, YOU can be the person who makes a powerful impact.  Elizabeth Bachman gives us some actionable tips for making your listeners glad they came. (No. 4 of 4)