Accounting reportDo you use your own personal story to connect with your audience or do you get up and just give people the facts when you speak? If you feel like your audience is tuning out when you speak, it could be because you aren’t connecting with them on an emotional level, just giving them the facts. Everyone has a personal story that relates to their business in some way. Finding the connection to your story, your business and the emotional connection with your prospects is a key to having people lining up to work with you. Here are some tips from expert speakers about using stories when they speak:

  • Although facts are important, what people remember what they can relate to.
  • People want to know about you as a person before they want to do business with you.
  • Stories bring the facts to life.
  • People have emotional needs that facts don’t touch. Stories are the key to reaching their emotions.

Woman SpeakingHaving trouble figuring out what the connection is to your prospects emotional needs are and how to craft your story to bring emotional value to your prospects? We can craft your speech so you become a Star Speaker who reaches their prospects and turns them into clients.

Happy Speaking! You are FABULOUS!

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