Woman on RockStarting a business isn’t for wimps. It’s messy, risky, uncertain, and downright terrifying at times. The upside is definitely worth it, but you’ve got to be in it for the long haul to see your efforts pay off. Yet far too many solopreneurs can’t get past the start-up http://-store.com/ phase. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common factors is they are unwilling to be uncomfortable.

  • Not having certainty that your business will make money is uncomfortable
  • Selling YOU and your service is uncomfortable
  • Watching your startup funds fly out of your bank account with nothing coming in yet is uncomfortable
  • Setting a goal with no idea how to achieve it is uncomfortable
  • Listening to people who doubt you or don’t understand what you’re doing is uncomfortable
  • Constant decision-making is uncomfortable

Effective and definitive decision-making is one of the core competencies needed for successful business ownership, and when you’re in start-up mode, the choices you make fly at you in a flurry of activity – enough to leave your head spinning. Everything is a choice… Sometimes the decisions are easy, and sometimes they take a little bit of thought to work through the ramifications and impact the decision has on you personally and for the business. Here’s the rub though – if you choose convenience over commitment, you’re toast. A bit heavy for you? Good! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in start-up land. But I guarantee you – the personal growth, confidence, and sense of accomplishment is so well worth the effort when you choose to be committed over being comfortable.

    • Here are three fail-safe things to help you embrace discomfort:
    • Do your “inner work” – find help to bust through limiting beliefs and fears.
    • Enlist the support of a true accountability partner (someone who is willing to call you out when you slip into your comfort mode)
    • Surround yourself with motivated, successful, positive-minded people in ALL aspects of your life

Are you ready to get uncomfortable being comfortable? Your business success depends on it!. Carrie Sharpshair is your guide to achieving simply strategic success – on your terms! She works with service-based solopreneurs in start-up mode to help them clarify their business vision, develop a solid plan of action, and have the confidence that comes with enjoying success. Find her at http://simplystrategicsuccess.com. Copyright BRECS Corp./Carrie Sharpshair.