Let Elizabeth Bachman find the Star in you!

Speaker, author and Star Maker, Elizabeth Bachman is passionate about helping people shine on ANY stage. Using her 30 years of experience as a speaker and International Opera Director, directing such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, she’s ready to help you find the  star inside. You may not realize that you have  star qualities like charisma and depth, or places where you are already brilliant but aren’t aware of it—but you do, and it’s time to unlock them so you can shine.


Elizabeth at the Metropolitan Opera Debut

Whether you are a professional, author or new speaker struggling to get your first speech created, or an experienced speaker who wants that ineffable edge of mastery that sets you apart from everyone else, you can now rev up your innate star power with Elizabeth Bachman.

If you want to really and truly communicate with your audiences, now is the time to let Elizabeth Bachman help you discover the places you already shine.  In short – to Be Fabulous!

What gifts does Elizabeth Bachman bring you from directing international opera for 30 years?

  • Excellence: Excellence isn’t perfection, but when you have thousands of people paying upwards of a hundred dollars a ticket for a single performance, you get good at delivering excellence very fast.
  • Showmanship: People in an audience want to be entertained no matter how serious your subject matter. And Elizabeth knows how to create a knockout show for you, and coach you to deliver it like no one’s ever heard it before.
  • Secrets: Do you think you can create a successful career in such a demanding field WITHOUT learning the secrets to successfully holding your audience in thrall, and communicating your message? I think not. Elizabeth brings it.
  • Bag of tricks: Finally, with so much stage experience in creating something magnificent and transporting, you are bound to develop a big bag of tricks about what works in front of a crowd. Of course, you could learn these things on your own, but why take years to get what Elizabeth can deliver in minutes?

Why is it important that Elizabeth Bachman is fluent in 5 languages?

Speaking multiple languages lets Elizabeth understand what’s unique about your words no matter what language you are speaking. In the same way, Elizabeth understands subtleties that are not about language at all but about something much more important than language—the way you are being with your people.

Elizabeth is the creator of “Taking Your Show on the Road: How to Get Booked as a Speaker” —because once you’ve created a winning speech, you need to deliver it! She hosts the Virtual Mastermind Series: “Speak For Succe$$” and she is co-author of the book Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Elizabeth delivering the goods in Austria

Elizabeth delivering the goods in Austria

Elizabeth is sought-after. She’s wowed audiences all over the world with her creations, and spoken directly at these venues (and more):
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce,
E Women Network,
Women in Consulting,Cal State Hayward,
the Sacramento Speakers’ Association,
Blog Talk Radio, National Association of Women Business Owners NAWBO,
and on numerous telesummits.