As a Woman in Leadership or a Woman Trying to Become a Leader:

  • Do you feel you have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously??
  • Do you find it challenging to be heard in meetings?
  • Do you worry that you are being passed over for promotions and raises?

Eight out of ten high-level women that I speak with tell me:

“I finally have a seat at the table, but I’m still not being listened to. Even worse, I see louder, flashier people get the promotions I wanted.”

Sound familiar? It’s the same old story.

Too many women wait to be recognized.

And wait.

And wait.

Or if they do talk about their successes, they get slapped down.

It’s Time for YOU to Finally Be Seen, Supported, and

Announcing the
Visible & ValuedSM Leadership Certification
for Executive Women

 What does it really take to work within an organization to climb the ranks
and achieve high-level leadership roles that drive change?

What does it take to reach your goals and get the promotions, raises, recognition and awards you’ve earned and deserve?

What does it take to bring your vision into reality so you can create the positive impact in the world you know you’re capable of?

Elizabeth Bachman will show you how to get the recognition you deserve.

Does this sound like you?

“Even though I’m an excellent problem solver, once I rose to Director, I couldn’t move further. I kept seeing others get the promotions I wanted. 

“They kept saying “You aren’t C-level Material.”  But nobody had a real reason why.

‘Elizabeth helped me position myself as a strategic thinker, just by shifting the way I spoke up in meetings. 

Then we changed where I was giving speeches and made sure that the right people in the company noticed. 

“It’s working!

“Thanks to Elizabeth’s help, I’m getting more respect in meetings and I can see VP in my near future.” 

Maria B.

Director of Operations, Big-Data firm in Silicon Valley*

By Application Only!

You aren’t alone. 

You probably already know the numbers.  Women are 14% less likely to be promoted than their male colleagues (despite consistently higher performance ratings).  And it’s not just promotions.  Professional women are still being dismissed, diminished, and disheartened by the lack of recognition and respect, despite extensive knowledge, education, and experience.

So where do you go when you know you’ve got it all together, and you’re a leader in your space, but you need support to make your next professional moves, and get the recognition and accolades you should be receiving, without judgment? 

How do you get what you want, WITHOUT spending more time working? Without negatively impacting yourself, family, and quality of life?

It’s not about your achievements or your skills… unconscious bias is at play.

…and there is a solution!

With the Visible & ValuedSM Leadership Certification, you will get strategies, techniques, and support to:

  • Be heard and treated with Respect, so that YOU are the person to be promoted or hired.
  • Influence your listeners to take action on what you have to say, so that you make the impact you want.
  • Be RECOGNIZED as the Leader You Are!

I'm in! Tell me more:

How does it work?

Discover how to shift the way you’re perceived by shifting the way you communicate.

The Visible and ValuedSM Leadership Certification for Executive Women will give you:

  • Strategic Influence Blueprint: (How you intend to proceed.) This is where we will identify your unique strategic approach to achieving your next career goal, so that you are seen, heard and valued.
  • Expert Positioning System: (How you’re seen) How to reinforce your expertise and create a buzz around your accomplishments so you’re sought out as THE go-to expert.
  • Recognition Booster: (How people talk about you) How to identify and call-in your best allies to support you in achieving your next career goal. You don’t have to do it alone!

MOST IMPORTANTLY this Certification will help YOU recognize your unique skills.

“I was so frustrated!  I knew I was good at my job, but I didn’t know how to talk about my expertise without bragging. I kept waiting for someone else to recognize me, but it never happened.

“Elizabeth showed me that the skills I took for granted were unique and valuable. Then she taught me how to communicate my value to upper management so that my potential was recognized.

“And rewarded! 

“It only took four months to get the promotion I wanted.  

“Now I know what I want to do, where I want to go and how to get there.  I’m so glad I took this course!”

Mei-Lin V.

Director of Quality Assurance, medical device firm, CA

Subjects addressed include:

Career strategy * Confidence * Engaging the audience * Online presence
* Connecting with big-name mentors * Finding balance * and more!

 Jeanne B.  Senior Partner at an International Law Firm – Whether with clients or colleagues. Jeanne constantly found herself to be the only woman in the room. She had trouble being taken seriously, and her suggestions were often ignored.   After the first two months of working together, she texted me:

“Guess what?  Today the founders ASKED for my advice, because I am the specialist for my region.  I have been trying to get them to recognize that for three years, but they never listened. It’s because of the work we are doing!”

After six months, not only is Jeanne established as an equal in her firm, but she is also more confident and effective with clients.

By Application Only!

This Leadership Certification isn’t for everybody. Visible & ValuedSM is an experiential approach to creating collective success and long-lasting transformation that supports each person in creating, building, and scaling their success.

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Here’s what you get:

  • Six months of support and strategy with a carefully curated group of peers —  Women who are experiencing similar frustrations.
  • A safe place to be vulnerable, ask for help and get encouragement.
  • Specific tools and techniques tailored to YOUR situation that can help you increase your visibility and enhance your value, whether you wish to rise in your current organization or even find something better.
  • Two virtual breakfasts a month (before the tasks of the day take over.)
  • All conversations are recorded and saved in a confidential file. (Members must sign a non-disclosure pledge.)

Best of all:

You will have a team of accomplished women to support you
and cheer you on as you move toward your goals!

Inspire your team
Gain important allies
Move forward as a leader.

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*All cases cited are real.  The names have been changed to preserve their privacy.

I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth to improve your presentation and executive presence skills.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on two important executive presentations. She provided practical suggestions, and provided guidance tailored to my speaking style and needs. I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth to improve your presentation and executive presence skills.”
–Vatsal Oza,
Associate Director, Global Strategic Marketing, Gilead Science

Elizabeth Bachman provided insightful guidance for my career

“Elizabeth Bachman provided insightful guidance for my career, with advice on how to present myself in my best light. She had the ability to see my situation with a fresh pair of eyes as an ally and suggest ideas for improvement. Her coaching methodology was very helpful in my employment scenario.”

–Mani Ardalan Farhadi,
Senior Facilities Planner, Stanford University School of Medicine

I’ve been doing public speaking every week for 20 years and working with Elizabeth opened my eyes all over again.

Graphics - Julie Castro Abrams Headshot - SWGR 100 Julie Castro AbramsElizabeth’s depth of experience and ability to right-size it for the people she’s working with is remarkable. She can support writing as well as delivery of speeches.

Elizabeth makes you feel like your goal is the most important thing – and you feel more confident. If you need to make a speech that MATTERS, call Elizabeth first!

– Julie Castro Abrams, CEO and Founder, How Women Lead

Elizabeth is supportive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, she is FABULOUS!

As the branch manager of a high-profile bank, I do a lot of presentations. Until I started to work with Elizabeth Bachman, I did not know there was so much science involved in public speaking. Now, whenever I address a group, I give them valuable advice, outline why my bank is different, and tell stories that make my listeners want to come in and check us out. I follow this with a very strong close and call for action that has more than tripled my audience’s engagement and response. Everybody wins!  

-Raymond Owens, Central Branch Manager, US Bank

My colleagues were inspired and energized, and I felt fabulous!

I was so impressed by Elizabeth Bachman’s fabulous techniques! I had to make a speech to open a convention, and I wanted to sound less “professorial.” We only had time for one conversation, but she helped me and rewrote my text. The result was the perfect way to open the conference.

– Dr. Maria Beckermann
Speaker & Author, Cologne, Germany

Within 5 months of working with Elizabeth I was promoted to Vice President.

“I was stuck at Director level for 13 years.  Within 5 months of working with Elizabeth, I was promoted to Vice President. Only 6 months later they made me CIO!”

– Janet C.
Silicon Valley

Working with Elizabeth has been money well spent!

Elizabeth is an expert in her field and has given me all of the hand-holding and support I needed to get myself out there. Elizabeth has many strategies in her tool belt to work with a wide variety of people.

She is articulate, professional, and a lovely human being to boot!

Thank you, Elizabeth 🙂

Kathryn Amenta
Financial Professional


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