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Women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as tech, engineering, law and finance, face a difficult challenge. It feels like walking a tightrope between being respected vs. sounding bossy. Speaking up can be a challenge. Being heard when you do is even more of a challenge. If this sounds familiar, you need to join our conversation here on Speakers Who Get Results, hosted by Elizabeth Bachman, the go-to person for advanced level training in speaking, presentation skills, sales and leadership.

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SWGR 505 | Women Leadership
  As awareness to their capacity to makes things better in this world, women leaders are constantly increasing but is still not enough to influence the younger generation. CEO of the renowned How Women Lead, Julie Castro Abrams believes that we are at a tipping point in women’s leadership. She speaks with Elizabeth Bachman about the progress that has been made in getting more women into leadership positions – especially board seats – and what
SWGR 504 | Mastering Mindfulness Under Pressure
  If you want to be successful in your endeavors, a huge part of it is mastering mindfulness under pressure. It’s all a part of getting the versatility you need to be able to properly engage in any working environment. Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed., LCSW, is an Optimal Performance Coach and a dynamic workshop leader. Today, Tina sits down with Elizabeth Bachman to bring you to that state of mindfulness and meditation needed for your work
  Some people give a speech to promote themselves or get people to hire them. Some give presentations that provide information about their company and hopefully get others to work with them, their company, or, at the very least support their company. Others also work with nonprofits and do presentations to get people to donate. The problem is there are three big mistakes that people make when presenting, and it happens over and over again.
SWGR 501 | Speakers Who Get Results
  Welcome to Speakers Who Get Results! With interviews with global experts and her own 30 years of training presenters, Elizabeth Bachman will share strategies and ideas for presenting yourself better so that you get funding, allies, and recognition. Not only will you get speaking tips, but you will also learn about all the aspects of live communication that affect how you are perceived: leadership, visibility, presentation challenges, and much, much more! — Watch the