Case Studies

CEO of a Social Media Company – Louis was so excited about social media and all the interesting things that were possible that his free speeches were like training sessions. His audiences loved him, but nobody ever became a client. We designed a strategy that narrowed his niche to people who A: truly needed his services and B: who could pay.  He likes food and he likes emerging technologies, so we positioned him as THE social media guru for restaurants and food-tech innovators.  He was just invited to be a presenter on a major food show.

Senior Partner at an International Law Firm – The only female senior partner for her firm, Elise ran the West Coast office of a UK-based firm. As a younger woman whose office was far removed from the central office, she had trouble being taken seriously in video meetings. We worked on techniques for speaking up, recruiting allies, getting attention and negotiating with older male colleagues.  General sales training for Elise and her team of lawyers helped them to identify good prospects and then to close the deal.  With existing clients, we worked on strategies for getting the most out of client meetings with impatient Silicon Valley executives.  Elise and her team now know how to move forward with confidence and get better, faster results.

Manufacturing CEO – Sarah’s company creates custom machine parts for big manufacturing machines.  Although she is dynamic and passionate, she had trouble getting to the people who needed her services. “The guys in the basement.”  We created a strategy and a speech designed for the executives and managers she could get to, teaching them why her work was important and why she needed to be moved past the gatekeepers to reach the department heads who spoke her language.  She is finally speaking with the right people and losing her “best kept secret” status.

Non-Profit CEO – We jazzed up Kristin’s standard speeches and made her delivery more charismatic. I taught her how to ask for donations with humor as well as intensity. In addition, I helped her create branded mementos connected to her story so that potential donors went home with a concrete reminder of why her project is important and different. She reports a 20% increase in donations since she has been using my techniques