Get Paid Even If You Speak For Free

Case Study: Executive Business Coach

When Jane first came to me she was in distress because she had a big keynote speech for a conference, and she couldn’t make an offer. She needed to wow a diverse audience and walk away with business even though she couldn’t make an offer directly from the stage. We applied what is now known as the Star Maker System, and polished her keynote speech and workshop for this major conference. I also evaluated her content and delivery and noticed that she was presenting for only one type of personality. So I helped her vary her presentation style and content so that the different personalities in the audience would all receive value. Together, we also created clever ways for her to seed her services, even when she was not allowed to make a sales offer. She went from signing up 15% of her listeners to a record 62% after our sessions!

Case Study: Consultant to Upper-Echelon Politicians

Even though she was a very experienced speaker, Barbara found she was overwhelming audiences with the vast amount of information she felt she needed to get out in a single speech. Instead of feeling inspired, her audience was wrung out and over-full at the end of her speech. She needed to narrow down her vast amount of information to a clear and focused speech. We worked on how to give just enough to intrigue her listeners, and developed a way she could modify any speech she gave without overwhelming her audience. She reports being massively more effective with her speeches now, and her audience is grateful and energized, instead of needing to take a nap after her presentation.