Corporate Testimonials

testi6 … a very strong close has more than tripled my audiences’ engagement and response… As the branch manager of a high profile bank, I do a lot of public speaking and presentations to large groups of people. My weakness has always been not having a real structure for my speeches. Until I started to work with Elizabeth Bachman, I did not know how to make a strong close that called for action from my audience. Now, whenever I address a group, I give them valuable advice, outline why my bank is different, and tell stories that make my listeners want to come in and check us out. I follow this with a very strong close and call for action that has more than tripled my audiences’ engagement and response. Everybody wins! I had no idea there was so much science involved in public speaking. If you speak half as often as I do then Elizabeth will make you more effective. Elizabeth is supportive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, she is FABULOUS! – Raymond Owens, Branch Manager, US Bank

testiElizabeth saved me time, money and energy by helping me craft my newest speech. “Elizabeth saved me time, money and helping me find my ideal clients. Thank you [Elizabeth] for closing me on your services and joining my board of advisers. Your ears must be burning because I can’t say enough about my fabulous speech developer and coach. I took it to heart when you promised to get my audience on my side, so that they want to work with me before I even start speaking. Thank you for delivering on your promise. – Jake Tuschinksi, Savvy Success Junkie