Boot Camps

“Star Maker Performance School” One-on-One
Boot Camp packages with Elizabeth Bachman

Turns your charisma into cash or influence.

Think of this as the kind of  short, intense training that stars have to go through to be able to speak in a different accent or to do martial arts in a movie. It’s brief and very effective. This is one of the ways you can make your speech authentic and powerful. There are five separate hour-long Boot Camp sessions in each Package. Choose your package and Click the button to the right to order.

  • Script writing Boot Camp: Perfect and polish your words.

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  • Fearless Delivery Boot Camp: Overcome your fears and super-charge your delivery.

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  • Story Boot Camp: You’ll learn to use stories and metaphors as emotional depth charges

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  • Two-fer Boot Camp: made for a 2-person team who want to present together.

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“Star Maker Performance School” One-On-One Boot Camp” packages     

$1,497 each

Got a boot camp topic you’d like help with? Email us and we’ll let you know if it’s available.