Star Maker Affiliate Tribe


I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you are interested in joining the Star Maker Affiliate Tribe. We are going to make a HUGE difference! And I look forward to sending you a huge check, too 😉

We get to help people step into their power, make money, help lots of people, and get positioned as experts in their field.

And we get to do that for ourselves while we help others.

A win-win-win situation!

I’ve spent over 30 years teaching presentation skills, including many, many techniques for getting new gigs. I know that the best presentation in the world does you no good if you have nobody to present it to.

BOOKED SOLID Program is unique in that I’m not just going to give people the information they need to fill their calendars with lucrative speaking engagements, I’m going to take them by the hand and walk them step-by-step through the whole shebang, so that at the end of the program they will actually have a system to find new speaking gigs and a Fabulous Friend who will hold them accountable. It’s all about implementation and completion. WooHoo!

Below you’ll find everything you need to do a rock star job of promoting this exciting program. If there’s anything else you need from my team or me, please be in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You are our priority!

THANK YOU for playing along with me, and for your trust in me. I promise that the people you send my way will be treated like my personal guests, and that they’ll get important, life-changing information to make this their best business year yet!

You are Fabulous!



PS: As I said above, I created Booked Solid: How to Get Booked as A Speaker to serve my speaker clients and to support speakers who are trained by others. If you aren’t a speaker trainer yourself, and have any clients who need to figure out what to say and how to say it well before they are ready to book their gigs, please send them my way.

  • Clients in my VIP Mentoring Program will get a free pass to the next round of BOOKED SOLID so they can still take advantage of this valuable information.
  • You get a referral commission
  • I get the joy of transforming someone’s life.

It’s a win-win-win!