Additional speaking topics:

Second Language, First Impression©

Navigating a Multilingual World

For men or women. Key Presentation Techniques when English is the second or third language for you or your listeners. 

Ace Your Annual Review

How to get that Raise/ Promotion/ Job you Deserve.

For men and women, this speech/ workshop can also be used for interview training.  It is especially useful for raising the profile of a department that feels ignored or dismissed.

From Boring to Bravo!

Making a Content-Heavy Speech Interesting

For scientists, lawyers, and subject matter experts who need to present technical information without boring their listeners.

The Woman in the Middle

Walking the tightrope etc.

Communication skills for women managers. (Note: this is very similar to “Invisible”, but specifically focused on younger managers who need to manage up as well as manage down.)

Shatter the Glass Ceiling!

The Proven Method for Executive Women to Get Promoted or Hired Without Being Obnoxious or Bossy.

(For Female Managers, Directors, and VPs)

Statistics show that women aren’t promoted as often as men are. There ARE ways that you can change the odds and get the position you want. This interactive workshop gives women the tools to show up as valued leaders who should be followed, promoted or hired.

Presentations can be delivered live or virtually and can be adapted to any length, from 20 minutes to a full day.