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“Star Maker Performance School” One-on-One Boot Camp packages, with Elizabeth Bachman.

Team Presenting Boot Camp: made for a team who want to present together.

Learn the art of tossing the topic back and forth, supporting each other, inviting the audience in to your team and making us fall in love with you and your subject.

Here’s what can happen with two of you on the stage:

  • One of you dominates the stage
  • You accidentally de-position yourself by deferring to your speaking partner too much
  • No one understands your message because you lose track, and both of you drop the ball
  • People don’t know who to look at or what to pay attention to.

There’s a lot to know if you want to co-present, There’s way more to it than just taking turns. There’s an art to sharing the stage—an art that can be learned.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to joke with each other to break the ice, and validate the two-person team
  • Who has the ball, and how to pass it
  • How to tell a coherent story with two people presenting
  • How to recover from mistakes—we all make them



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“Star Maker Performance School” One-On-One Boot Camp” packages     

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