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“Star Maker Performance School” One-on-One Boot Camp packages, with Elizabeth Bachman.

Fearless Delivery: Overcome your fears and super-charge your delivery

Three out of four people would rather DIE than speak in front of a group.

  •     If you are afraid of speaking on stage, you are not alone. 3 out of 4 people would rather die than get up and speak in front of a group.
  •     Cheap tricks like imagining people in their underwear just don’t work
  •     You might be afraid everyone will know you are a fraud. This is known as Fraud Syndrome
  •     Worried about the audience judging you. They do.
  •     Afraid your fear will telegraph to the audience? It does.

That’s why you need help learning to speak in front of a group. In this program you will:

  • Learn how to stand in your power and claim your voice
  • Learn specific techniques to banish stage fright and create powerful presence


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“Star Maker Performance School” One-On-One Boot Camp” packages     

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