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Women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as tech, engineering, law and finance, face a difficult challenge. It feels like walking a tightrope between being respected vs. sounding bossy. Speaking up can be a challenge. Being heard when you do is even more of a challenge. If this sounds familiar, you need to join our conversation here on Speakers Who Get Results, hosted by Elizabeth Bachman, the go-to person for advanced level training in speaking, presentation skills, sales and leadership.

Episode Blogs

SWGR 562 Jess Dewell | Questions To Ask
  One of the overlooked aspects of communication is the questions we forget to ask. It’s important to consider a question that will get one big idea across because the more ways we say something, the more ways people can perceive and understand it differently. Today’s guest is Jess Dewell, a managing partner at Red Direction and the producer of the Bold Business Podcast. In this episode, Jess discusses with Elizabeth Bachman how to find out what the
SWGR 561 D. Michelle Thompson | Belonging And Inclusion
  There’s a great deal of good conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace right now. Yet so many companies say they’re going to do something about it, but never go further than posting and sending out comms to everybody. Nothing else happens.  In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman interviews D. Michelle Thompson, an expert in communication and company culture. Her mission is to empower leaders who are ripe for a healthy workplace. She brings
SWGR 560 | Finding Balance
Burnout is typically detected by many people only when it’s too late. So before you reach the end of your rope and become completely exhausted, finding a balance between your work and life is essential. Joining Elizabeth Bachman to address this common yet rarely addressed challenge is professional coach Janná Giles. Together, they discuss the importance of putting your life on a pause, recollecting your thoughts, and taking a breath, all without losing your momentum to
SWGR 559 | Company Culture
  A company can only be as great as the people in it. One of the greatest things that help produce employees and team members that can be key players is its culture, particularly one that is inclusive. Lisen Stromberg greatly believes in this, and in today’s show, she joins host Elizabeth Bachman to help you make your company culture your competitive advantage by tapping on women. Lisen is an award-winning writer, human capital innovation consultant, and
SWGR 558 | Business Growth
  At the end of the day, a business can only thrive when it is profitable. However, many small businesses find themselves stuck. In this episode, Managing Partner of Profit Minds, Dr. Steven J. Kirch, joins Elizabeth Bachman to discuss the simple ways to increase your business’ profits. He shares some of his observations about small businesses that keep them from making the profit they should be getting and offers some tips on how to
SWGR 557 | Marketing Yourself
  Do you feel ignored and taken for granted at work? How much of it comes from unconsciously giving away your power? Do you forget to take credit for your ideas, praising the team instead? This is very common. Tune in to today’s episode as Elizabeth Bachman shares some actionable steps you can take to market yourself and translate all of your good work into the kind of career you want. She also touches on
SWGR 556 | Accent And Diction Strategies
    Working on accent reduction and diction improvement is an art unto itself. It is also an important investment for your career because it helps you greatly in presenting better and making yourself understood. In this globalized world, American English is increasingly becoming the language of choice across different industries. It is therefore important for those who were not born with that accent to work on how they use the language and improve upon
  The COVID-19 pandemic forced almost all of us to trade our offices for our homes, posing new challenges when it comes to communicating as we all work remotely. In this episode, Elizabeth Bachman talks to communication specialist Lizabeth Wesely-Casella about the things you need to know to manage your remote teams. As founder and CEO of L-12 Services LLC, Lizabeth has been helping leaders in areas like internal communications, training, online business management, and executive
SWGR 554 | Public Speaking
Public speaking is one of the best ways to raise your visibility and your value. Yet, too many women speak for free. They may be sharing the stage with other presenters who are getting paid because they forget to ask for a fee. Elizabeth Bachman interviews Lovelda Vincenzi about how getting paid for your public appearances actually makes people take you more seriously.  Lovelda also shares the secret of powerful storytelling to connect well with your target audience.
SWGR 553 | Ruth Bader Ginsburg
No other US Supreme Court justice has done more for the advancement of women’s rights than the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In a tribute to this powerful force in the history of feminism and social justice, her daughter-in-law, Patrice Michaels created a song cycle called Notorious RBG, in collaboration with the pianist, Kuang-Hao Huang. Patrice is an accomplished performer and composer well-known for the beauty of her musical compositions, which is rivaled only by the beauty
SWGR 522 | Speaking Success
  Speaking can be a shortcut to success because it gives you the visibility and the platform for people to hear your message and recognize you as a brand. The spectacular Mitzi Perdue may be born from and married to family business empires, but speaking is where she has absolutely made a name for herself. And she excels at what she does! Mitzi represents more than three centuries of family business. As a speaker, she
SWGR 551 | Thought Leader
  For a business to succeed, it must go beyond content marketing or personal branding, but also tap into thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader can be a bit confusing for most people, and hesitation usually comes because of the pressures of society. Bill Sherman from Thought Leadership Leverage sits down with Elizabeth Bachman to discuss what it really takes to be transformed into an effective thought leader. They go deep into the effects of the current rise