Elizabeth is available for media interviews and / or written contributions on a variety of topics related to speaking, presenting and presentation skills, including:

“Excellence Speaks! Communication Skills for High-Stakes Presentations that get RESULTS!” (For C-Suite and Thought Leaders)

“From Talking Head to Super Star Presenter: Speaking for Profit and Impact” (For Corporate Audiences)

“Three Big Presenting Mistakes that Cost You Sales – And What to do About Them” (For Entrepreneurs)

“Mastering a Signature Speech that Sells: How to Get More Clients by Speaking to Groups”

“How to Get Booked as a Speaker: Taking Your Show on the Road”


Promote, Profit, Publish interview with Juliet Clark

Juliet Clark founder of Promote, Profit, Publish interviews Elizabeth Bachman about finding speaking gigs


















3 Big Presentation Mistakes that Can Cost You In Sales… and What You Can Do About Them – with Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Tune in to hear Elizabeth share her success strategies to help you become a respected presenter. Discover how to share a compelling presentation that reaches the hearts and ears of your audience. Click here to watch the presentation.


The Inner & Outer Game of Speaking with Tonya Hoffmann









Let Your Voice Be Heard show hosted by Brandy T. Jones

Do you have something to say but not sure how to get your message out to others? How do you become heard over the sea of noise? How do you share personal information with those who need it, but in a way that is empowering? This week’s episode is all about standing in your power, finding your unique voice and being heard by those who are meant to hear your message. Join Brandy and guests, Elizabeth Bachman and Sonya Williams and let your powerful voice be heard!

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Published! Magazine

“Captivate Your Audience”


21 Elizabeth Bachman 


Elizabeth was pleased and honored to be interviewed in PUBLISHED! Magazine. It gave her an opportunity to share some of her success secrets along with 29 additional experts. Part of the feature arrangement allowed her to give all my friends access to this outstanding 100-page issue with my compliments. Check out this great gift of informative interviews with world leaders in business success for yourself.  Just click here.






Messages That Matter

Top Experts Share Secrets for Hope and Healing

Elizabeth shares “Captivate Your Audience” in Chapter 16.

Messages that Matter is a priceless resource. Such an amazing group of trusted professionals have come together in this book with one common purpose. Allow them to show you what it takes to make your message magical.

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Other Media Appearances and Interviews:


Viki Winterton interviews Elizabeth Bachman on Write Now Radiolisten here.


Steve Caldwell interviews Elizbath Bachman on Manager Mojo –  Topic: Public Speaking? Just Shoot Me!

Listen Here


Kori D. Miller and Elizabeth on Back Porch Writer Radio Show

Hear Elizabeth Bachman’s interview on Blog Talk Radio with Kori D. Miller on the Back Porch Writer Radio Show where Elizabeth shares how writers can speak to promote their books.

Interview with Kori D. Miller

Annie Jennings interviewed Elizabeth Bachman on her podcast, JenningsWire – The World of Success.

From Talking Head To Super Star Presenter

  • How does directing opera connect with public speaking?
  • Why is having a signature speech important?
  • How can this presentation stay fresh for years?
  • What are the 3 main reasons even smart, savvy Presenters aren’t getting the action they want out of their listeners?
  • What’s the biggest mistake speakers make?

Click here to listen now.

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Elizabeth Bachman, and Empress Iris Stallworth-Grayling share about how to fully step into the center stage of your life and shine. Elizabeth will share with you wisdom and insights to help you fully step into your power and full presence to connect with those around you. Empress Iris will share wisdom, tips, and fun ways to help you fully step into your full Empress power. To be savvy, sassy, and strong. Click below to listen.